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Loyalty Program of the Apple Inc Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Reliability Program of the Apple Inc - Essay Example The organization that is the subject of this examination is Apple Inc., an American-based organization working in different nations, headquartered in the state if California. The organization represents considerable authority in the structuring, creating and offer of hardware including programming, PCs, and mobile phones. Likewise, the organization offers different administrations and items including Smartphones, tablets, internet browsers to give some examples. As of the year 2014, Apple extended to perpetual employment opportunities to more than 72,000 individuals, and its benefit for same year remained at an incredible $182 billion. A portion of the contenders Apple faces incorporate Samsung, Nokia, and Microsoft among others, every one of whom offer either part of the comparative administrations or equivalent to Apple. With regards to the company’s steadfastness program, Apple Inc. has been noted to have a severe one where a dominant part of the clients scarcely fit the bi ll for it. As indicated by Meyer-Waarden, Apple’s clients are relied upon to go through a lot of cash for them to meet all requirements for the company’s reliability program. Tragically, huge numbers of them don't hit the objective subsequently stay with missing the treats the offers. Despite the fact that the organization has as of late reported a change in accordance with its dependability program necessities, it is still difficult for some customers to arrive at the objective. For example, Apple as of late declared that any school expecting to have its homerooms loaded up with the Mac PCs would for sure appreciate a rebate. Such organizations will appreciate a rebate of 6% to 8% when the buys are produced using the organization. From the above discoveries, plainly Apple’s devotion program is needing, and requires improvement since there are different contenders who could gain by this shortcoming. While Apple has kept on offering still rivalry to different pla yers in the business, its reliability program expects measures to ensure clients are held.

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Left Behind Book Series :: essays research papers

Feeling deserted? You may be on the off chance that you have glanced in the religion segment of a book shop as of late. Since 1995, more than fifty million books bearing the flag of the Left Behind arrangement have showed up in Protestant book shops as well as in standard, common book shops. In 1998 the first four books of the arrangement all the while involved the main four spaces in the New York Times smash hit listâ€which doesn't check marketing projections from Protestant book shops. The tenth volume of the arrangement appeared at number one on the rundown. The books of the Left Behind arrangement offer a fictionalized record of the apocalypse, in light of the authors’ comprehension of the book of Revelation and other Bible predictions. Be that as it may, Left Behind is considerably more than a progression of books. It is a multi-media establishment that incorporates not just the first books (which should add up to twelve to fourteen) yet additionally two films, more than twenty children’s books, study guides, sensationalized and unedited book recordings, and realistic novelsâ€with more in transit! Additionally connected to the establishment are various true to life works in which the creators clarify their perspectives on Bible prescience in a direct way as opposed to utilizing the type of a novel. Outreaching distributing has never observed a wonder this way. It overshadows even The Late Great Planet Earth, which was the top of the line book of the 1970s. Deserted leaves numerous Catholics scratching their heads. They may realize that it has something to do with the apocalypse. A few Catholics have even had Evangelical companions attempt to get them to peruse the books as an unpretentious (or not all that inconspicuous) endeavor to proselytize them. In any case, few have an away from of what the books are about, who is behind them, and how they identify with the Catholic confidence. This is an issue. There is nothing amiss with having an effective distributing establishment, yet when that establishment contains against Catholic bias and awful philosophy, that is an issue. Matters are more awful when the establishment is so benefit driven that it puts making a buck over the profound and mental prosperity of youngsters. As we will see, Left Behind does the entirety of that. The Man Behind Left Behind The Left Behind books convey the bylines of two men, Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. The last is a productive independent writer and professional writer who has distributed a few dozen books. He is the real writer of the Left Behind books, yet his is the less significant job, since he doesn't produce the thoughts for them.

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Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing Understanding the Stages of Team Formation

Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing Understanding the Stages of Team Formation You have heard and maybe even read about companies which enjoy massive success in what they do. They topple the challenges which come their way and always have an edge over the competition.When you listen to the leaders of these companies, you won’t fail to hear the word “teamwork” mentioned. In other words, for great success to be achieved, people must work together.Theoretically, that’s great and easy to do. Isn’t it just coming together and pursuing a common goal?Yeah, right. Until you try it yourself.Have you considered the fact that teams are made up of people? Do you remember that people are different? Different personalities, different preferences, different approaches to work?More than that, are you aware that there are people who show up at work but won’t really put in the required effort? Yet teams are made up of such. In case you are not aware of joy riders within organizations, check out the below video. Maybe you might recognize someone you know. With such si tuations at hand, how do they do it? Is it just good leadership? Perhaps good luck?To a good extent, credit goes to the leader. But that doesn’t mean that it is a natural skill in the leaders that brings the desired results. Keep in mind that leadership is a skill anyone can learn.The trick is in the leader understanding how to form a team. And it is not necessarily about forming the perfect team. That does not exist. As a leader, you are the one who makes your team great.So, if the trick is in understanding how to form teams, then how do you do it?Before we got to the how, let’s take a brief look at the why. This will help you understand where the success in team work comes from.WHY BUILD A TEAM?If someone asked you this question, you are likely to quickly give the answer that “Teams make work easier.” And you are right. That happens in teams. But did you know that there is more to teams than making work easier?Many employees can also make work easier. Yet big companies wit h many employees but with no teamwork never manage to match the success of smaller companies where teamwork is emphasized.To understand the full extent of the advantages, take a look at the below benefits.Teams take (calculated) risksIf you are running a business which you started alone and now have employees, you may be able to identify with this. Even if you have never worked anywhere but have tried to do something alone, you definitely have experienced this.When working as an individual, you will always be very cautious with your actions. It is simply a case of having all your eggs in one basket. You know very well that if you mess things up, you are solely to blame.Of course, taking responsibility is a good thing to learn and embrace. But your fear of losing often gets in the way of your progressing. Whether out of experience or from what you learned in school, one key entrepreneurial skill is risk taking.Risk taking is however not an easy thing to do.But when you have some comp any, the difficulty significantly reduces.How?The amount of insight available increases â€" you will realize this when you have more than one person looking at the situation. Obviously, you will have more information and more information almost always leads to better decisions.Different experience levels â€" whether you are a solo entrepreneur or working on a project alone as an employee, you face the challenge of having only your experience to guide you. It is no secret that experience plays a big role in success. In situations which are new to everyone, the experienced person will usually be the first one to see possible options to be considered. Therefore, when working with others, the experience gained from their backgrounds goes a long way in helping achieve the overall goal.Help in shouldering the burden of wrong outcomes â€" nothing feels good as the knowledge that someone will help you shoulder the burden if things go wrong. Of course, no-one wants things to go wrong. But th ey often do.Having someone with whom to walk the journey will make you approach hard decisions more easily. It’s not that you will become reckless, but that you will become less fearful.When you combine these three factors, you realize that the situation looks very different.Just two people working together will bring considerable benefits to any cause. How much then when there are ten people or more working together?Handling large teams can get tricky and it’s wise to keep the size of the team manageable. The important thing to note here is the potential benefit of several people working together towards an agreed goalHoned conflict resolution skillsOne of the biggest challenges of working with teams is resolving conflicts. Those who have no idea about team dynamics only talk about the good while understanding little about the inner workings of the team.However, we are not being negative. It is in the acceptance of challenges that we are made strong. Deciding to work with teams , brings this challenge. But if you consider the potential benefits, you will gladly embrace the challenge.And here is the catch. The challenge of dealing with conflicts is actually a blessing in disguise. Since you are forming your company for the long term, won’t it pay to make long term investments?When your team members experience challenges in dealing with one another, as long as you offer good leadership, they will soon come out of the situation. And they will be better. They will know how to handle each other’s emotions, acknowledge strengths and cover for weaknesses.They will be able to more easily work with each other and the team spirit developed will go beyond any future challenges.Increased productivityThis is the more obvious benefit that’s easy to identify. It is however not just about the distribution of duties and responsibilities. There is more that contributes to the increase in productivity.When a team comes together, the individuals bring their strengths to the table. This is what they present to the organization or cause they seek to further.For example, one person could be good at negotiations. What happens if he doesn’t have someone to negotiate with? Someone else may be good at approaching others and making great introductions. But if he is left to seal the deal, he may not deliver on a good price.What then happens when these two work together? Won’t the result be amazing?Teams harness the strengths of the individual members and by that, cover for individual weakness. When that happens, you can rarely have anything short of success. As the leader, your responsibility then becomes keeping the good working environment intact. Or better still, improving it.Teams provide a support networkHuman beings are social and there is no way one person will prefer living and working alone for the whole of his life. Though some may live such lives, it is obvious that something will be lacking.You may not be very social such that you attend al l partiesâ€"even when uninvited. But you need at least some form of social cover. This is especially necessary for those times when life deals you a blow. This could be sickness or just a situation where things aren’t really working out as expected.In the work or business environment, you need support too. This comes in the form of people understanding that we are all in need of some help. Be it in growing your career, building your business, caring for your family etc, you need help and so does everyone else.Every team has the potential to grow from one level of strength to another. And the more this happens, the better the support the members give each other.When handling large projects for example, it is common for fatigue to kick in. Coupled with the pressures and stresses of other areas of your life, you can easily put an important goal aside. This has the effect of postponing to the point of losing joy in the desire to achieve your goals.Teams make work funWho doesn’t like having fun? It is just part of being human. It is also a way of releasing stress and rejuvenating your body. But can you do that at work?It depends.There are companies known for having set up a fun working environment. That notwithstanding, work still gets done. Different approaches can be taken to make work fun. But teams have a natural way of doing it. This may however not be visible until the team members are well acquainted with each other.The secret lies in the team members forming friendships. These friendships may last beyond working hours. As they go for lunch together or meet over the weekend for events in which they share interests, the ties will grow stronger.This is where true friendship develops. Some have even gotten spouses from such teams.More than that, the prospect of working on a project with your friends guarantees success in a fun way. And if there is fun involved in the success, wouldn’t you want to be a part of it?With time, you will notice that such teams have very little record of stressful moments. Despite handling large projects and members putting in long working hours, you will rarely have cases of chronic stress.The benefits of working in teams are many. In some cases, some organizations may report unique benefits depending on their industry.THE STAGES OF TEAM FORMATIONThe above benefits and many others not listed can only be achieved if you have a solid team in place. The question then is, how do you form a solid team?The answer to this question can take many forms. Although many approaches may be taken in the form of Dos and Don’ts, this article will answer this question from a different angle.Rules vs. understandingA careful look at the Dos and Don’ts will tell you that those rules only apply in certain situations. And as much as the situations determine what is to be done or not done, the situations cannot be avoided.Here we are talking about the situations that come as the team journeys towards becoming solid.If you ha ve been keen enough in life, you will have realized that rules don’t necessarily affect the outcome of a situation. Instead, it is understanding the situation that determines the outcome. This is because understanding the situation guarantees better solutions.To explain this, take for instance a situation where a team is going through a major conflict among its members. The cause? Some members are not happy with the way others are working. They are accusing their colleagues of not focusing on the important parts of the project.Going by the rules, what are you expected not to do?Do not quickly agree with a one-sided story and bash the accused parties. That could be seen as favoritism and will destroy the morale of some members.What should you do instead?Listen to both parties, find out what exactly happened then reconcile the members. Not a bad approach. So, what happens the next time there is another conflict? You will most likely do the same thing. Will you really be moving forwa rd? If so, at what pace?If you had an understanding of what caused the conflict, you would deal with the issue from the root. This way, you wouldn’t have to deal with it again because the situation won’t resurface.From reading this article, you will understand that situations and challenges occur because of the development stage which the team is currently in. What you then need to understand are the stages which teams go through before they become the desired solid team you want.As a team goes through these stages, it is bound to exhibit certain characteristics. Having anticipated them, you will prepare the right solutions. In fact, these solutions can be implemented beforehand. This way, you prevent some situations from coming up.Is there a better way for you to express wisdom other than this?FormingAfter some time studying teams, psychologist Bruce Tuckman came to the conclusion that teams go through stages before they reach high performance. In his conclusion which he publis hed in 1965, forming was the first stage of team formation.At this stage, people are just coming together and have very little knowledge of one another. Being virtually strangers to one another, they tend to minimize unnecessary contact as they first work on curving their own space.There can be little to no interaction at this stage. Whatever interaction happens, it is mainly an attempt at getting to know the other person. Or maybe interacting just for official purposes like asking questions about work to be done.Interactions are at the same time restrained as no-one yet knows how the other person reacts.When it comes to duties and responsibilities, these are often not clear enough for the team to sufficiently operate. Tasks may still be at the point of being distributed and team members may not be sure who is best for what.With a lot of uncertainty, you will greatly need to utilize your leadership skills at this stage. It will be upon you to provide directions for almost every task . You may need to personally engage team members and develop them for the tasks assigned to them.StormingThe second stage can quickly set in if the work being done requires constant interaction. And just as the name seems to suggest, this is where storms start brewing. The challenges which bedevil every group on its way to high performance show up.Individual members start to boldly express differing opinions from those of their colleagues. This can happen in complete disregard of the other person’s feelings. As a result, many conflicts arise and without proper resolution, the team may break.For a short guide on how to resolve such conflicts, watch the below video. It is important that in a team, every member gets treated right. No matter what position one holds in the team, respect for other team members is a must. During the conflicts which are very common in this stage, many people drop out of the team.The storming stage is where the true character of people comes out. Those who cannot accommodate others in their lives due to minor differences find it difficult to work with them. A lot of jostling for positions and higher ranks is also common in this stage.As the leader, you are still responsible over the team at this stage. In fact, you will remain responsible over the team because it’s part of your duty. In any case, isn’t the leader responsible for the success of the team?You will have to provide a strong sense of leadership because this stage can bring some dramatic experiences. For example, some members may go to the point of challenging your leadership authority.Remember that the team is like a young family you are trying to bring up. Do not therefore be overbearing or overly harsh with anyone. Just understand that it is a stage in the development of the team.NormingThis is when things start cooling off and your leadership efforts pay off. Team members have understood that they are meant to work together. They have also been able to resolve their conflicts and now work together well enough.Through the conflicts which arose earlier, team members learn that different people operate differently and they respect that. Everyone respects the other person and start to readily offer help when needed.Team members have also started understanding the company goals or objectives of the project. They own the goals and processes and easily work together towards achieving those goals.Your position of authority is also recognized and respect accorded accordingly. The strengths of the individual members are also recognized and appreciated. This puts the team in a better position than before and they can now achieve more.PerformingAs the stage initially said to be the last one, the team has now gone through the necessary stages. This stage is called the performing stage because here, the team performs well. Even without external interference.There is a smooth flow of the processes involved in working and a sense of general friendship also ex ists. By this time, tasks and responsibilities are clear and everyone is working hard to bring about the expected results.Part of the success that comes in the performance stage is a result of the kind of leadership you have exercised. You have definitely set up some structures to support the work being done and these are now being used to maximize productivity.As the stage where performance and delivery is great, you can delegate your roles and free your time for other jobs like business development.ADJOURNING (TEAM BREAKUP)After registering success and a project comes to an end, most teams have to break and the individuals go back to their usual tasks. This is a stage which Bruce added later, in 1977, although by adjourning, there is really nothing to do with team formation.Another reason for adjournment is internal restructuring of the organization. This can leave some team members feeling lonely and have difficulty moving on. These are the team members who developed very close r elations with their colleagues in the team.CONCLUSIONHaving understood the stages of team formation and what happens in them, it is easier to navigate through and offer proper leadership. This way, you can guarantee that success will be more of the norm rather than an exception.

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Free College Is A Great Dream - 1352 Words

Free college is a great dream, but not feasible. A higher education benefits not only the individual, but our country and economy as a whole. Higher tuition fees could affect students’ decision to not go to college, the government should pass a bill that limits some of the unnecessary fees that colleges charge students. The government should pay for the college education of its citizens because it is no longer an option to rely on scholarships to pay for college, they are becoming harder to get and a lot of them are only geared to a specific group of students. Even with a scholarship the out of pocket fees are unbearable, students still have to pay a huge percentage of their education or even have to drop out of college because they cannot afford it. They can apply for loans, but who wants to leave college with loans mounting up to 60 thousand dollars per student? The government should take education more seriously than some of the other affairs of the state because we are going to be the ones running this country one day and it is not possible to do that well without a proper education. University of Chicago professor Luigi Zingales published a piece in the New York Times in which he argued that the U.S. should get out of the business of subsidizing college with government grants and loans, and instead move toward a system whereby students pay the costs of higher education out of their future incomes. Zingales claims that it is the subsidizing of higher education that isShow MoreRelatedPersuasive Essay : The Definition Of The American Dream980 Words   |  4 PagesAmerica the great! America the beautiful! The land of the free and of equal opportunity. The home of the American dream. This expression to most people has a peculiar meaning. Most people would define the American Dream as the upbringing of success, the ability to control destiny, and to enjoy freedom due to the American social, economic, and political system. According to the Oxford English Dictionary Online, the American Dream means the ideal that every US citizen should have an equal opportunityRead Mo reDefinition Of Freedom Essay996 Words   |  4 PagesTo me the term â€Å"freedom† means being free to live your life in whatever way you wish. When I say this, I don’t mean when a high school kid finally moves out for college and doesn’t have to report to their parents every time they leave their dorm room. I mean how we are able to live a free life here in the United States of America. When we take a step back and look at all the different countries who are in poverty we need to realize how truly blessed we are. There are many different countries outRead MoreEducation Is The Most Important Part Of Every Human993 Words   |  4 Pagesworkforce and education crisis. America’s economy is collapsing and it is losing to countries like china, Brazil, Russia, etc. because Americans are deprived of education because of high college costs. High school graduates in America want to attend college but when they attend college, either they drop out of college or they graduate but end up paying money for student debt and loans throughout their life. According to Vermont senator Bernie sanders, today Americans have a burden of 1.3 trillion dollarsRead MorePersuasive Essay On The American Dream716 Words   |  3 PagesEnglish III October 25, 2017 The American Dream is usually known as having faith that citizens can achieve success by working hard. How is this possible if the cost of living standards continuously raise, but the economies payroll remains the same. It is impossible to believe in the American Dream when being in the working class because it doesn’t give you the same opportunity as other classes. In order to to bring society back to believing in the American Dream, there must be a change in the way weRead MoreShould The Federal Government Should Allow Free College Tuition And The Effects And Consequences Of Doing900 Words   |  4 PagesIn order to have a decent job it is believed that one must attend college and submerge with a degree. It is exactly why most people in the states pursue higher education, a key component to possess financial security. The task at hand has become a challenging achievement, now more than ever, as a result of skyrocketing tuition cost. It causes students to take out massive loans which, at times, cannot be returned and therefore creating billions in debt for the United States. The idea that studentRead MoreStudents Should Not Required A College Of Their Choice1586 Words   |  7 Pagesmajority of these students fear on applying the college of their choice. Furthermore, colleges in the United States does not allow an undocumented student to fulfill his or her hopes of continuing education. This initially leads students to give up pursuing their education to work at places that do not require a degree. In few cases, some students are given the chance to study at a college, but most students can not afford to pay the classes. (Nothing is free for the students unless they are documentedRead MoreShould College Education Be Free?1266 Words   |  6 PagesThe Proposal: Should College Education be Free There are people who are in our nation right now that can t afford to go to college and gain the education they need to succeed. People have a deep conviction about this controversy. This issue has lead to the debate should the first two years of a college education be free. If college was free for the student the yes, it comes to the taxpayers to come up with the money. There should be rules and regulations in place and should be maintained byRead MoreFree Enterprise System1744 Words   |  7 PagesThe Free Enterprise System How the American System has changed Togar Johnson The ‘American Dream’ has recently transformed into the American nightmare. More and More people are retiring broke and are looking for some type of financial assistance either from families, government, or continuing to work past retirement.  Not every American has the skill set to run a successful business, but more often than not, most Americans do possess a skill set that can be used to create individual wealthRead MoreThe American Dream By Alexis De Tocqueville1566 Words   |  7 PagesThe American Dream is the idea that every United States citizen has equal opportunity to achieve success through hard work and determination. However, ideas of the dream have evolved throughout time from the 18th century up to present day. The general population’s view and my view of the American Dream both have altered throughout time. My idea of the American Dream has developed from not only today’s views on The Dream, but also from the evolutionary process the meani ng has been through. ThroughoutRead MoreMy Perception Of The American Dream1554 Words   |  7 Pagesstereotypical American dream. I may have inherited that dream from my mother; she came to the United States from Mexico at only 15 years old. She came to pursue the same dream - - the opportunity to achieve wealth and success. Growing up in a traditional Hispanic household is something I will always cherish, but one characteristic of Hispanic culture is the mindset that women are meant to be housewives and mothers. This expectation worked with my perception of the American dream. I thought, perhaps

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The Curriculum Of A Curriculum - 1407 Words

As America advances through the 21st century, the curriculum phenomenon has plagued the country. The shift has moved to the new Common Core Standards to create a more rigorous curriculum that involves rigor, critical thinking skills, problem solving skills and creativity and innovation, while incorporating the skills of collaboration and cooperation. Questions and concerns still exist in this current model. â€Å"Learning how to design a curriculum that facilitates complex thinking and deeper level of understanding is an unfolding process† (Erickson, 2002). Although the curriculum model has changed, a large portion of the model of the school has remained consistent over time: classroom size, some instructional styles, the managerial process of the school, evaluations of students and ideology and vision. If American schools hope to meet the desired results, another shift needs to exist. Ronald C. Doll, , Curriculum Improvement: Decision Making and Process, states that: T he curriculum of a school is the formal and informal content and process by which learners gain knowledge and understanding, develop skills, and alter attitudes, appreciations, and values under the auspices of that school (Doll, 1996). After examining the schools across the nation and understanding the diversity of the schools, the traditional school model may not be the most effective way to educate students of the 21st century. The community school in America has become obsolete because of theShow MoreRelatedThe Curriculum Elements Of Curriculum827 Words   |  4 PagesCurriculum Elements Each school has a variety of subjects and each subject needs a curriculum to teach students and help them to understand their subjects. Curriculum has a variety of elements. In fact, some of them are more important than others, such as content and assessment. In this paper, I am going to give reasons as to why I believe they are important. The first category of curriculum has to do with content. It is between teachers and students. It is an important part of curriculum becauseRead MoreThe Curriculum And Curriculum For Excellence Essay1326 Words   |  6 Pageseducation curriculums are becoming a national curriculum in most countries. With more governments and society thinking about education of under-fives we are seeing shifts in thinking and education to meet the changing world. We are developing children skills for the future to create a society where children feel they belong and can contribute to society. Curriculums are being influenced my social, political, cultural, historical and theoretical issues that are impacting different curriculums in theRead MoreCurriculum : A Definition Of Curriculum2050 Words   |  9 PagesCurriculum: A definition Defining a comprehensive concept of a curriculum can be tricky, differ, vary, and subjective attempt from person to person. In his book, Ewing (2013) believed it happens due to the background, experience, and knowledge of that individual in engaging with the curriculum. According to Galton (1998, as cited in Resh Benavot, 2009), curriculum is the organization of school subjects and the allocation of time when each subject is taught. Another definition provides by MarshRead MoreDefinition Of Curriculum And Curriculum2230 Words   |  9 PagesCurriculum is difficult to define as there is no one universal definition. Therefore the definition of curriculum will vary depending on the individual. Marsh and Willis (1995 as cited in Understanding Teaching For Learning Textbook Topic 3, p. 57) believe curriculum is ‘an interrelated set of plans and experiences that a student undertakes under the guidance of the school (p.10). Another definition is ‘the curriculum is always, in e very society, a reflection of what the people think, feel, believeRead MoreThe Curriculum And The Montessori Curriculum1040 Words   |  5 Pageseducation is taught through a wide variety of methods; there are nature, project, individualized, and even teacher-centered curriculums. While each curriculum has the same basic goal of educating children, the execution of that goal can vary drastically. The Waldorf curriculum and the Montessori curriculum and two different, yet similar types of schooling. To begin, the Waldorf curriculum started in 1919 when an Austrian philosopher, scientist and artist named Rudolf Steiner was asked to open a school forRead MoreThe Curriculum Definitions Of Curriculum948 Words   |  4 PagesCurriculum Definitions There are numerous diverse definitions of curriculum. According to Churchill (2013), the term curriculum is stemmed from the Latin word currere, which means to run a set route or course. Many technical understandings then view curriculum as a mapping of the course to be followed by students in school. Therefore, it commonly happens when teachers are asked about curriculum, they often go to the syllabus document, which contains a set of materials, for the answer. However, GrundyRead MoreDefinition Curriculum : A Curriculum1042 Words   |  5 PagesImplied Curriculum Lori Riley Liberty University Every school plans a curriculum that describes what teachers are expected to follow. This curriculum will have an impact on students, but an educator’s implied curriculum may have a greater impact on their students than what they realize. McCutcheon (1988) states, â€Å"hidden curriculum† is created by the educator, as they inevitably will pass on their values when teaching (p. 198). Educators do not always intend on teaching an implied curriculum butRead MoreThe Curriculum : Differentiated Curriculum Essay1554 Words   |  7 PagesDifferentiated Curriculum Classrooms today look very different than they did twenty years ago. Gone are the days of students sitting at their desks, copying notes as the teacher writes on the chalkboard. Children are entering kindergarten at varying levels of abilities and the gap between student aptitudes grows as children get older. Students with learning disabilities are mainstreamed into classrooms and, with the growing number of immigrant families, teachers are faced with students who doRead MoreCurriculum Definition And Definition Of Curriculum2273 Words   |  10 PagesWhat is Curriculum? According to Stotsky (2012), curriculum is a plan of action that is aimed at achieving desired goals and objectives. It is a set of learning activities meant to make the learner attain goals as prescribed by the educational system. Generally, it includes the subjects and activities that a given school system is responsible for. Moreover, it defines the environment where certain learning activities take place. Furthermore, curriculum defines what happens in any formal educationalRead MoreThe Curriculum And The Alternative Curriculum1760 Words   |  8 Pagesthere is a great comparison and contrast that exist between the national curriculum and the alternative curriculum. These comparisons and contrasts mainly occur as a result of how the curriculums address the effectiveness in teaching of key subject areas such as English, Maths and even ICT. It has been argued that the teaching of these three key subjects should take into consideration the holistic development of the child. Curric ulum is generally defined as the lesson and the academic content that is

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This poem uses the deterioration of an Edenic garden to represent the corrupting effect of organised religion upon our internal state of being. Blake’s ‘The Garden of Love’ functions as a criticism upon organised religion, poignantly reflecting on its capacity to replace humanity’s innocent joys with rules and empty routines. Stanza 1 The name ‘Garden of Love’ almost appears hackneyed through its traditional, Edenic connotations. We will write a custom essay sample on The Garden of Love or any similar topic only for you Order Now It is a representation of innocence, with green, open spaces often being associated with childhood in Blake’s poetry. The speaker comments that they saw â€Å"what [they] never had seen†, which seems to imply that something material has changed external to themselves, namely the altered landscape that is subsequently detailed; however, this poem, in the context of the ‘Songs of Innocence and Experience’, symbolises an internal fall from innocence, and it is therefore only the speaker’s perspective that has changed. The Church is then introduced as the object of the poet’s condemnation, represented through the synecdoche of the â€Å"Chapel†. It is built â€Å"in the midst†, implying that organised religion is central to the corruption that infected the zeitgeist of the late 18th century. Furthermore, the aural suggestion of ‘mist’ subtly evokes a somewhat disquieting image of the Chapel being shrouded in vapour, which is often a symbol of materialism in Blake and could therefore imply a preoccupation with wealth in Christianity. This contrasts with the â€Å"green†, a representation of childhood, where the speaker used to â€Å"play†, a verb with similar connotations. Stanza 2 The gates of the chapel are said to be â€Å"shut†, suggesting that the religiosity of the Church is an exclusive privilege. Indeed, Blake was very critical of an institution which effectively heralds its clergy as closer to God than ordinary worshippers; in his eyes, every human is equal before the natural order. He extends his condemnation to the Old Testament in the subsequent line, commenting that â€Å"Thou shalt not† was â€Å"writ over the door†. This is an allusion to the Ten Commandments, which Blake deemed to be overly regulatory; he instead put his faith into the New Testament, which conversely advises humanity as to how it should conduct itself, therefore placing a greater emphasis on free will. The speaker then â€Å"turn[s]† to the Garden of Love, unveiling a poignant tableau in which they realise that the green innocence of their youth, which â€Å"so many sweet flowers bore†, has become devastated beyond hope. The final stanza is extremely bleak, alluding to death through its evocation of â€Å"graves† and â€Å"tombstones†, which have now replaced the â€Å"flowers† of the speaker’s youth. The poem ends with a rhyming couplet, whose swaying rhythm represents an endless cycle of innocence into experience, an idea reinforced by the use of language such as â€Å"rounds† and â€Å"briars†. The reference to priests confirms that this poem is an attack on organised religion, which has repressed our â€Å"joys and desires†. It therefore serves to mentally imprison us, acting, along with the government, monarchy and other formal institutions, as a fortification of experience. How to cite The Garden of Love, Papers

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Should We Legalize Marijuana Essays - Cannabis, Herbalism

Should We Legalize Marijuana? Why Not? Naim Jones South Suburban Community College Author Note This paper was prepared for Sociology 101, Section 002, taught by Professor Richardson. Abstract Already, we have brought "back around" old styles of fashion and music. Now, as more of our generation begins to enter the political world we are seeing a change in policies that have held firm for almost a century. More specifically, we are seeing a change in the attitude toward marijuana and whether or not it should be legalized. During the time of illegalization of marijuana, the drug had a vastly negative feeling associated with it, which many people now believe to be inaccurate and unfair. Now that people are more informed, more connected and more vocal, the United States government should allow and even encourage more research of the dangers and addictive nature of the drug which will assuredly legalize medical use and possibly recreational use to be nefit the people and the economy greatly. This paper will discuss many topics pertaining to marijuana. It will begin by explaining the history of marijuana in this country. Then it will discuss public opinion of marijua na and reasons for that opinion. Next, it will dispel false rumors about the effects of marijuana. It will then talk about a few disadvantages of marijuana. After it will counter those disadvantages with several advantages of marijuana. Next, it will discuss Colorado and Washington State's situation since legalizing marijuana recreationally. It will then inform the reader of the other states pursuing legalization of marijuana in some degree. Finally , it will conclude with Arkansas's take on marijuana and efforts to get it passed medically. Cannabis is a plant that is grown in many places thr oughout the world. It is a fast- growing plant that requires only eight to twelve weeks to mature. It chokes out most other plants grown around it and has a resistant to all but eight out of one hundred known pests. Cannabis is grown for two main reasons; for industrial hemp and for marijuana. Industrial hemp includes the seeds, stems, roots and all other parts of Cannabis except for the dried leaves. It has over 50,000 different product applications including: paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics, construction, health food, and fuel. Marijuana is the dried leaves of Cannabis that contains high-l evels of THC and can be used for many medical issues. THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), is the chemical in marijuana that is also produced naturally within the human brain and controls the influence of pleasure, memory, thinking, concentration, sensory and time perception, and coordinated movement. With such a lengthy lis t of versatile uses comes many questions all stemming from the bigger question, "What can marijuana do for us?". The answer will become evident by responding to the following questions: What is the history of marijuana in America? How does the American public view marijuana? What are the cons of using marijuana? Are there benefits from using marijuana? What has happened to states that have already legalized pot? Throughout time the U.S. government has put many sanctions and ignorant beliefs about marijuana in to the mainstream view of the American public. Times have changed and problems need solving, the legalization of marijuana is the answer to more than just a few of America's problems. What is the history of marijuana in America? As early as the 1600's hemp has existed in America. Back then, colonial farmers were forced to grow hemp to send back to England to be used in rope, sails, and clothing. It was not until the late nineteenth century that marijuana became popular for its medicinal uses. After the Mexican Revolution of 1910 the United States started to get its first flood of Hispanic immigrants. These immigrants introduced the possibility of using marijuana recreationally. Smoking marijuana really began to take off in the years leading up to the Great Depression. Due to this unfortunate timing, and the connection to Hispanic immigrants' marijuana caught a lot of blame for the increased unemployment and violence in America. By 1931 twenty-nine states had made marijuana illegal and that only increased until America entered World War II in the 1941. Following the start of the war the Department of